Our company has three field divisions in its structure

We provide services in the field of conducting field seismic operations using the 2D / 3D method since 2008. Over this period, more than 4,500 running km. by the method of 2D and more than 5000 square kilometers. 3D shooting in the Tyumen region.


Our company has three field subdivisions - universal seismic surveys for field research, both with explosive and non-explosive sources, and one complex seismic survey for special geophysical operations, including vertical seismic profiling, seismic location of the lateral review, seismic location of the foci of emission, monitoring at the hydraulic fracturing and monitoring of deposits using 4D seismic technology.

The system of management of occupational safety and industrial safety in accordance with the Interstate Standard

In order to reduce production risks and create safe workplaces, TGCS LLC has established a functional Occupational Health and Safety Management System and continuously improves it in accordance with the Interstate Standard GOST 12.0.230-2007 "SSBT. Occupational safety management systems. General requirements. ILO-OSH2001".

The effectiveness and effectiveness of the OSH management system was assessed by audits conducted by the competent services of PJSC "NK Rosneft", JSC Gazpromneft.

In 2015, the company received a certificate of quality management system compliance with the requirements of GOST ISO 9001-2011.

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We regularly update our equipment

As part of the field work for topographic and geodetic work, modern high-precision satellite navigation devices from the world's leading manufacturers Trimble, Leica, Topcon are capable of operating both in the GPS system and in the domestic GLONASS system and in all existing satellite systems in Europe and Asia.

To perform drilling operations hydromechanized drilling rigs installed both on all-terrain vehicles and on sled base are used, as well as small-sized drilling rigs for drilling wells in exclusive zones on the viziers, subject to restrictions on the performance of work.

In order to ensure safety during the production of field works, all wheeled and cross-country vehicles of the company are equipped with on-board vehicle monitoring systems (BSMCs), which allow controlling all stages of the production process.

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Kamaltdinov Rustam Robertovich
General manager
Torbin Sergey Yrievich
Deputy General Director for production
Shevchenko Ilya Igorevich
Chief engineer
Kulikova Natalya Valerievna
Chief accountant
Skorobogatova Elena Valerievna
Deputy Finance Director
Zozulya Vitaly Alexandrovich
Chief geophysicist
Gumerova Yulia Valerievna
The head of Department on work with personnel
Novichkov Nikolay Vladimirovich
Deputy chief engineer for transport, logistics and logistics
We are worried about the ecology of our planet and try to keep it

The separate attention of the company is directed to the use of cordless recording systems, the use of which contributes to the introduction of eco-saving technologies and the implementation of works at the modern technological level. At present, LLC "TGCK" has existing contracts for the supply and support of the leading manufacturers of wireless systems in the world Wireless Seismic Inc; Fairfield Industries Inc b and within the import substitution of the SCOUT system manufactured by JSC "Special Design Bureau of Seismic Instrumentation".

The use of wireless systems allows, in addition to the use of eco-saving technology, to shorten the time required for data logging, to reduce the number of employees and to reduce the risks of injuries in the workplace.

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